What We Do For Buyers

The services of real estate brokers are alike when it comes to working with buyers. However, Steve and Lorri Hose, the Denver Home Pros receive praise and recommendations from our past buyer clients because we take buyer real estate services to the top level for you. Call Steve or Lorri at 303-810-2162 for more information.

Locating the absolute best property we can find for our clients is the #1 GOAL. We will assist you every step of the way and provide up to date listings and a results page of comparable sold listings.
inspec-300Inspections: Negotiations usually crop up after you’ve agreed on a price, and they’re normally the result of inspections and necessary repairs. We have dealt with these situations many many times and are well versed in all aspects you will need with the proper advice.
money-300Negotiations: When you make that first offer to purchase WE WILL BE THERE. Before that we’ve given you the data and guidance to make sure that you’re on the right track to a good deal and not get taken advantage of in any step of the process!
finance-300Financing: We will help you find the best financing in the current market based on all of your parameters. Make sure to check the current mortgage rates and then give us a call to discuss what type of property you can purchase.
insur-300Insurance: You want to protect your home ownership. We’ll explain how title insurance works and help you to insure your ownership with reputable companies we have worked with for many years.
closing-300Closing: With a great number of delivery deadlines, documents and tasks involved in a real estate closing will all be coordinated by Steve and Lorri along with the appropriate people involved.

Steve and Lorri were amazing

Steve and Lorri were amazing. When we made a decision to buy a home, we had heard tons of terrifying stories about the experience. To our surprise, thanks to Steve and Lorri, we had exactly the opposite. They took all the stress and guess work out of it for us. Their combined knowledge gave us the security we needed to make great solid decisions. Their honestly allowed us to get a full view of our options, rather than trying to talk us into something that was not the right fit. We are so grateful to them. We were able to find the PERFECT home for us. True friends all the way through. We love you guys!

First Time Home Buyers 2015

We bought our dream home with them

We bought our dream home with them. They met me within the hour to look at it. There were several offers on the house. Steve and Lori suggested we write a letter with our offer. The previous owners said the letter was the difference! We highly recommend Steve and Lori and are very glad our friend recommended them to us

Buyers 2014

Thank you so much for all your hard work

Thank you so much for all your hard work and determination! We are very happy to be in our new home & you Both made my whole house buying experience so much better!

Buyer - 2015